PACT Partners

What is Partners Advancing Commercial Tree Care?

Partners Advancing Commercial Tree Care (PACT) is a strategic partnership between TCIA and companies who are invested in the future of the tree care industry. PACT supports many of TCIA’s education efforts and programs and, through those, TCIA’s mission to advance tree care businesses.

Meet Our PACT Partners

TCIA would like to extend our gratitude to the following companies whose commitment to our work is extraordinary:


Altec is an equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, contractor, lights and signs, and tree care markets. Their cranes, chippers, trucks and aerial devices are thanks to innovative design and integrated safety features.

Bandit is a global manufacturer of hand-crafted wood waste and arboriculture machines, including hand-fed and whole tree chippers, stump grinders, The Beast recyclers, forestry mowers and skid-loader attachments.

Custom Truck One Source is the first true single-source provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions. With sales, rentals, aftermarket parts and service, equipment customization, re-manufacturing, financing solutions, and asset disposal, our team of experts, vast equipment breadth and integrated network of locations across North America offer superior service and unmatched efficiency for our customers.

Husqvarna Group is a global leading producer of outdoor power equipment and innovative solutions for tree care and green space professionals. Products include a complete range of equipment for professional use from chainsaws and trimmers, to blowers, robotic- and ride-on lawn mowers. Our nationwide network of dealers offer sales, service and support.

Morbark builds equipment that creates opportunities for customers in the tree care market. Morbark offers a full line of flails, disc and drum tree chippers, brush chippers, horizontal and tub grinders, stump grinders and more.

North American Training Solutions provides green industry related training and education with a focus on innovation, quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Sennebogen creates mobile and stationary material handling equipment, pick and carry machines, balance cranes, drop ball machines and all of the attachments needed for optimum performance in the field.

Vermeer is a manufacturer of equipment built for performance and easy daily maintenance. Their products are designed with safety provisions that help protect operators, such as the bottom feed stop bar on our brush chippers, operator presence system on their stump cutters and safety lock-outs on their tree spades.


ArborJet is a provider of tree injection equipment and formulations that protect over 1 million urban trees each year from invasive insects and disease. Their formulas and cutting-edge equipment are designed to for insect and disease control, regulating tree growth and adding nutrients to trees.
Green Manufacturing invented the first indexable stump cutting tooth, Greenteeth. In addition to teeth & pocket systems, Green Manufacturing, Inc. also offers cutting wheels for many of the popular stump grinders on the market. Their products are designed to decrease the time & energy spent on each stump.
AP Equipment Financing is an equipment finance company that provides fast and flexible financing options to fund your equipment in as little as 1 day. They get to know you and your equipment needs in order to build a lasting relationship to grow into the future. By joining the AP Family you gain access to their reserved pool of arbor trucks nationwide and their extensive equipment dealer network to get you the equipment you need on time.


Avant Tecno USA provides unmatched versatility and efficiency in compact loaders, including 100 interchangeable attachments. The Avant product offering is a line of unique, compact, multifunctional, articulating loaders and attachments. Because of their size, weight, maneuverability and versatility, the units can be used in various industry segments.

Oakmont Capital Services is a capital and equipment finance company that partners with a broad variety of North American business owners to provide the funds necessary for ongoing profitability and growth, helping you gain access to trucks and equipment in 24 hours or less.

ServicePro creates field service management software with products that help increase productivity and profitability by enabling users to manage workloads, employee scheduling, mobile lawn care, pest control and arbor care.

Samson is a leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes with a focus on R&D and solving specific customer applications. Samson engineers continue to pioneer the use of new fiber technology, developing innovative coatings and constructions to produce ropes with unprecedented performance characteristics.

SherrillTree is all about connecting tree enthusiasts with top quality gear at great prices, primarily focused on providing innovative arboricultural products and knowledge to the tree care profession to move the trade forward.



Fanno Saw Works is a manufacturer of pruning saws and accessories for arborists. Their products include folding and rigid-handle pruning saws, pole saws, special-use saws, pruning tools and related accessories.

Navitas Credit Corp is an independent, direct commercial equipment lender providing financing and leasing options for all types of new and used essential tree service vehicles and equipment for tree care businesses of all sizes.

Northern Atlantic Financial provides quick and easy financing for arborists, landscapers and tree services nationwide. Their financing covers trucks of all types, stump grinders, chippers, shop equipment and more.

Weaver Arborist products feature quality materials, craftsmanship, comfort elements and safety features to elevate the workday for the ultimate climbing experience. Products include saddles and accessories, chain saw accessories, saw scabbards, throw weights and lines, and more.

All Access Equipment products feature tracked lifts offering compact dimensions and incredible reach for arborists and other tree care professionals.

How has PACT supported the industry?

Over the last decade*, PACT support has contributed to the development of TCIA’s products, trainings, programs and events..

  • 24,141 individuals enrolled in Tree Care Academy programs, which teach and test for critical skills and core knowledge in a variety of topics.
  • 4,010 companies made safety the foundation of their business by incorporating our Tailgate Safety Program and Illness & Injury Prevention Program.
  • 19,379 individuals enrolled in our Electrical Hazards Awareness Program, which provides education on the most deadly force in our industry – electricity.
  • 2,569 industry leaders networked with like-minded professionals at Winter Management Conference, the premier business conference for the industry.
  • 29,940 individuals experienced the world’s largest tree care industry trade show and most innovative educational seminars in the industry at TCI EXPO.

*Data accurate as of June 26, 2017.


TCIA is a trusted educator, advocate and industry leader that engages our members in a robust dialogue that extends to virtually every aspect of operating a business. Our role as an ally to thousands of commercial tree care companies cannot be matched by profit-driven corporate establishments.

It is this intimate and unbiased nature of this relationship that presents a powerful opportunity for product and service suppliers. As a PACT partner, we don’t ask you to sponsor a lunch or a speaker. We are looking for partners to work with us in everything we do to advance tree care businesses. Leverage TCIA’s role in the industry to gain maximum exposure to your potential customers!

No matter your company size, there is an opportunity to become a PACT partner.

  • The CROWN
    Provides the tree with its beauty and shades the ground beneath ($20,000 and up*)
    Give the tree its shape and direct its growth ($15,000*)
  • The ROOTS
    The main source of nutrients for the growth of the tree ($7,500*)
  • The SEED
    The beginning of a long process of growth and renewal ($2,500*)

Every level is important to the growth and health of our industry!

*Represents a January – December annual commitment.

Let’s grow together. Become a true partner.

For more information on how supporting the Tree Care Industry Association can help you meet your business goals, contact the Development department at 1-800-733-2622 or email